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Progress updates

SEACTN kicks off, holds training

LOMWRU’s active Preparations for the Southeast Asia Clinical Trials Network (SEACTN) project continue, with training sessions the week of 5 April organized by MORU CTSG on all aspects of study implementation. From left, Drs Khambang Seevanhthong, Ailatda Soulivong and Xaipasong Xaipaset model their new uniforms which will ensure they are easily identifiable as they travel between health centres in Savannakhet to monitor SEACTN activities. 

SEACTN is one of the large multicentre Flagship projects funded by Wellcome Innovations and led by MORU Bangkok’s Prof Yoel Lubell. In Laos a large part of the research will be conducted in health centres in three districts (Atsapangthong, Phalanxay and Phin) of Savannakhet province. The project aims to better understand febrile illness in rural areas of South and Southeast Asia by developing a framework for the collection of information about the burden and impact of febrile illness. 

Previously, from 31 March-2 April, the team made an SEACTN preparatory visit to Savannakhet province. They received a warm welcome from key collaborator, Dr Tiengkham Pongvongsa, the Director of the Provincial Health Office (standing left with Dr Manivanh Vongsouvath and SEACTN Laos country coordinator Dr Koukeo Phommasone). The heads of all three district hospitals were enthusiastic about their districts taking part in SEACTN. The team had planned to return in May to start community engagement activities and training for health centre staff. Unfortunately, this may not be possible due to the recent lockdown. 

Text courtesy of Liz Ashley, with thanks to Dr Xaipasong for photo.