South and Southeast Asian Community-based Trials Network MORU
Progress updates


It was good to see lots of MORU colleagues (Maliwan Hongsuwan, Akanittha Poonchai, William Schilling, Ellen Beer, Simon Boyd, Nick White, Phrutsamon Wongnak, Tanatchakorn Asawariworanan, Wanassanan Madmanee, Jindarat Kouhathong, and Kanokon Suwannasin) in Laos 6-8 Aug for a monitoring and training visit related to the PLATCOV (PIs Will Schilling & Nick White) and SEACTN (PI Yoel Lubell) projects. 

The PLATCOV study (Platform trial of antiviral pharmacodynamics in early symptomatic COVID-19) has been running in Mahosot Hospital with the Lung Ward since 2022. Recruitment has been challenging as COVID-19 has transitioned to a predominantly mild illness with few patients presenting to the hospital. We hope to start the AD ASTRA study (NCT05648448) in the coming months, which is a similar study in patients with influenza.

The SEACTN project (Southeast Asia Community Trials Network) is a multicountry study aiming to improve the management of patients with febrile illness living in rural areas in Southeast Asia. LOMWRU have completed Work Package A, recruiting more than 20,000 patients with febrile illness to health centres in collaboration with the Savannakhet Provincial Health Office. Work Package B continues to recruit in Savannakhet Provincial Hospital.

– With thanks to Liz Ashley for text, and Latsaniphone Boutthasavong for the group shot.